New Metalfab White Paper Available On Proper Design And Use Of Powdered Activated Carbon (Pac) Systems For Control Of Mercury Emissions From Coal Fired Power Plants

Metalfab Material Handling Systems, LLC, a leading manufacturer of dry solids processing equipment and integrated systems, is now offering a new white paper on design and use of powdered activated carbon (PAC) systems for control of mercury emissions from coal fired power plants.

The new paper provides detailed information on proper system design essential for storage, flow and metering of powdered activated carbon – which can present challenging flow problems in storage silos and equipment.

In addition to complete information on processing and storage equipment, instrumentation, controls, and interconnecting piping used in a typical PAC storage and metering system, the paper discusses controlled flow and accurate metering of PAC to achieve targeted feed rates. It also covers the pitfalls of inadequate equipment and system design that can lead to excessive PAC consumption, high operating costs, and insufficient PAC injection that can lead to mercury removal rates that are not within regulatory compliance.

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