Bag Dump Hopper

Dump Hopper


The Bag Dump Hopper provides a quick, easy and virtually dust free way of dumping and filling your process system with material received in paper bags. The design incorporates a baffle and bin vent (to attach to a central dust collector) or optional bin vent filter over the dump area to maintain a dust free worker environment while providing a fast and effective means to charge your process.


  • Ruggedly built for continuous, long lasting operation
  • Hinged door to keep foreign materials from falling into the process material when not in use
  • Expanded metal grid to prevent bag pieces from getting into the system
  • Dump hopper exit cone that is easily transitioned to accommodate other Metalfab upstream or downstream equipment, such as a feeder, flexible screw conveyor, rotary valve for pneumatic conveying systems and so forth



Bag Dump Hopper w/ optional bin vent filter and feeder

Product Spec Image


  • All metal contact parts are available in a choice of carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • On carbon steel units, the dump hopper section will be prime painted inside and outside and finished with a blue enamel coat on the exterior
  • Stainless steel units have a 2B mill finish with the dump hopper legs also in stainless steel

Available Options

  • Bin vent filter
  • Internal bag knife
  • Explosion proof requirements
  • Extended legs