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White Paper Silo Storage, Flow and Metering of PAC
Custom Fabrication Capabilities for the Power Industry
Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) Storage and Handling Systems
Bulk Bag Filling Stands and Systems
Integrated Systems and Subsystems for Dry Bulk Solids Material Handling
Bulk Bag Unloader
Custom Fabrication & Precision Metal Products
Dry Solids Processing Equipment
Volumetric and Loss-of-Weight Feeders
Bin Activators
Sanitary Screw Feeder
Mini Feeder DB1M Series
Convey-All™/VTC Vibratory Tube Conveyor
MetaTech™ Feeder
CB1 Blender
Convey-All™/FSC Flexible Screw Conveyor
Precision Sanitary Bin Activator
Drumming Out The Drums
Automatic Bag Splitter
Metalfab Line Card
Company Info

Metalfab Material Handling Systems, LLC
P.O. Box 9, Prices Switch Road
Vernon, NJ 07462

Tel: 973/764-2000

Toll Free: 800/764-2999

Fax: 973/764- 0272


Number of Employees: 35

Date Founded: 1977