Portable Bin Unloader (IBC)


Metalfab has designed a "Portable Bin" Unloading Station that incorporates the tried, tested and proven technologies of our unmatched Bin Activators and Bulk Bag Unloaders. Metalfab's Portable Bin Unloading Station is fabricated with a rugged steel framework that is mounted on top of vibration isolators, while featuring four corner guide locators to assist in forklift operation. The unit is driven by a unitized vibrator that applies vibration in a horizontal plane only. When it comes to problem-free product flow with increased productivity, Metalfab's family of bin unloading stations excel in every way.


  • Easy transport and discharge of (IBC) dry bulk materials when and where needed
  • Fabricated with a rugged steel framework that is mounted on vibration isolators
  • Four corner guide locators to assist forklift operators
  • Sponge elastomer seal

Operating Characteristics

  • Problem-free product flow with increased productivity
  • Prevents any leakage of product



Product Spec


  • Carbon Steel, 304 Stainless Steel and 316 Stainless Steel

Available Options

  • Scale system, screw feeder, support stand, flexible screw conveyor